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Dorset: in the shadow of the marble mountain, by Tyler Resch. Town history published for the Dorset Historical Society. 1989. 405 pages. Reprinted. Edited. Softcover.


Apples by Henry van Loon
Snowboarding in Southern Vermont by Brian Knight
The Story of Bley House by Terry Tyler
Wish You Were Here by Richard Ketchum
Quabbin to Dorset
The story of moving houses to Dorset from abandoned towns in central Massachusetts.$20.00
Dorset’s Marble Mountain
Published by the Dorset Historical Society, 1971.
24 pages. (pamphlet)$2.00
Some Trails in Dorset
by A. W. Gilbert, Jr.$10.00
Walking/Driving Tour of Dorset
A tour of the town of Dorset featuring the historic points of interest. Photographs. Spiral bound.$8.00
Harmon Mint Coins
(commemorative issue)$3.00 or 2/$5.00
First Marble Quarry in America note cards, fern logo
8 notes and envelopes per box.$5.00
Jessica Bond note cards
8 cards – Four stenciled theorem designs per box.$10.00
Historic photograph
10 notecards and envelopes.$15.00
Dorset Scenes note cards
Package of 10.$15.00
Dorset, Vermont and Environs, 1969 (map)


Dorset’s Charter
Newly-printed parchment copy of Dorset’s town charter after the original on file in the New Hampshire State Archives.$8.00
Dorset History Time Line


Colored Photocopy Map Reprints.
Dorset Township 9″ x 11″, with Subscriber’s Business Directory of Marble Companies, Merchants, et. al. from Beers Atlas of Bennington
County, Vermont, 1869.$8.00
Map of Dorset Township 1856 11″ x 17″, from the Map of Bennington County,
by Rice & Harwood.$8.00
Dorset Village 9″ x 11″, from Beers Atlas of Bennington County, Vermont, 1869.


Villages of East Dorset, North Dorset and South Dorset, showing residences and businesses.
Bennington County. Scale 3 miles to 1 inch, showing natural and manmade features with township lines. ( NA )

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  • $1.00 for each of the other items, including folded maps.
  • $3.00 for up to 6 maps in mailing tube.